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Amos Zimmerman is an indie-folk singer/songwriter from Tel-Aviv that has been musically active since 2008.


The music of Amos Zimmerman plants its roots in the soil of veteran artists like Neil Young, Paul Simon and Nick Drake, while constantly attempting to expand the borders of the genre, as do more contemporary acts such as Wilco, Elliott Smith and My Morning Jacket - all big influences on Zimmerman's songwriting.


Amos Zimmerman's songs take the listener on a deep dive voyage into the inner realms of consciousness, with heartfelt songwriting that creates a mellowness in the air on one hand and an uplifting experience full of life and intrigue on the other.


Amos Zimmerman's debut album was released in 2010, followed by hundreds of shows across Israel and the UK, often stripped down to solo performances. His second release was "Snapshot", a 2017 E.P. which received acclaim from local media. Zimmerman's third release, "Lend Me Your Tears", was released February 2019, followed by a number of solo tours across Germany.


// United Kingdom

"Zimmerman has the ability to craft an original sound that rises above his already towering influences."


// United Kingdom

"...the top Americana record out of Israel in many a year."


// Israel

"Painful lyrical honesty and a sweeping, addictive sound that takes you far away from the oppressive Israeli heat."


// Israel

"...modest but precise musical impressions of hope and yearning."

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